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Can My Hero’s One Justice 2 Break into fighting greatness?

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

My hero one justice, released in 2018 on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, along with an Xbox One and PC (limited release over these sides of the water) received mixed receptions. With the second instalment in the franchise to be released March 2020 - push into the great titles of fighting games, or would it remain as a polarizing mediocre game?

Written By TroyTastic

Fun but left people wanting

I wasn’t sure of the game. I watched reviews first, but I loved the game and decided to part commit and rent. I feel like some of the reviews I have seen had focused so much of the negatives it didn’t push how fun the game was, and isn’t that the most important part of games? Fun?

It’s not as intense as some other Bandai Namco games like Tekken, or as technical as samurai shodown but still provides a really entertaining game. The actual fighting mechanics are fun. The brawler allows the player 3 main attacks; normal, counter attacking and unblockable as well as each character having their own unique quirks available for battle to. It gave fighters the ability to experiment with each character and create their own combos. It was challenging, and allowed those who have played it to experiment. My only issue with the fighting is that I wish for damage purposes, the combos you made were better rewarded than the general ones. The graphics *Carl chef kiss*, arcade was good for me to get a better understanding of my characters (elected for todoroki, Tokoyami and Bakugou personally) following a very necessary practice mode trial helped, but I was left wanting.

As much as I loved the combat, character support wasn’t as unique as I thought it would be. I would have loved to use characters to their strength with distance or close combat fighting to open their skills but there wasn’t really anything unique. I admittedly didn’t try mission mode, which I heard is actually really good, but it was too late for that, but the story mode was so disappointing. So, so disappointing.

Of all the modes to be disappointing why story mode?

I know it’s a fighter, but so is one of Bandai Namco’s most popular games Naruto ninja storm and they did that pretty well. For me, the use of comic strips was too much. As good as the graphics were for the game, we needed to see more and less of that comic strip stuff, only use it where necessary. Take some inspiration from other games and were a little lazy here.. A lot of the stages were set for battle so travelling to these places, doing hero (or villain stuff) on you way just to each mission point would of been cool. I also have an issue with the story start and end point, mainly because of how they wanted the game to play. We could of had battles and mini games at the tournament stage (as a tester maybe some challenges for Midoria like not allowed to use your quick or can only use it once or something like that) or should have had a look at the story through a new perspective. Granted this being more difficult as the anime is relatively new. Big hopes for this mode, were just dashed, which seemed to be a mode either rushed, or just lacked creativity. Here's hoping with season 3, there’s better things to come for number 2.

So number 2, what are you saying?

If you’ve seen the recent trailer, there are some much needed character additions (the roster is quite thin) including some of the league of villains that should of been added taking the Non-dlc total (at the point of writing this) to 40 Characters. Just under double. 2v2 battles (which look like so much chaotic fun, I’m here for it) and a much needed improvement in customisation, which IGN described it as a prop box. From the trailer, it looked more like truly making your favourite hero your own. There’s also some system updates it seems characters are floating less, and also side stepping, but much is yet to be seen, as the game is still in development.

I have more hope than hype for this game. The developers neglected the first game towards the end before creating the newest installment so we hope that massive mistake on their part wasn’t for nothing. The story mode needs a fair amount of improvement as much as I can’t see them going backwards in the anime to push it forward, hopefully they give us enough fights and cutscenes to enjoy it’s story to the end. It remains to be seen but we can hope we get the game the manga/anime deserves.


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Nice blog Troy! Did you end up trying My Hero 2?

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