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Learn more about our drive, our goals and how you can help make gaming a more inclusive industry



At Streamcast we want gamers like ourselves to feel part of the gaming community. The representation within the gaming workforce is low both nationally and internationally. Representation within games themselves is either non-existent from a lead point of view, or black characters are poorly represented. Within content creation it’s even more difficult—with white men dominating most streaming/gaming YouTube lists, poor representation in the industry and within games themselves. 

We all belong in the
gaming industry

2% of people in the UK Games Industry are black

 This is lower than the working-age population for black people which is 3.4%.

3% of main protagonists in games are black

10.7% of characters in games are black, however most of these characters were found to be either athletes

or gangsters.

91% of UK influencers are white

In addition to there not being as many of us in the influencing sector, black influencers are short-changed massively by brands & sponsorships.

At Streamcast we aim to help diversify the talent across the industry by:


Working with studios to find a wider range of black applicants for their roles, as well as helping black people feel better prepared when applying for roles.

Content creator


Inspiring, supporting and educating more black people to take up content creation/presenting roles 

Content development

Building relationships with brands to raise awareness and to advocate for more major, non-stereotypical roles for black characters in games (i.e., the main character or a main playable character)

What can I do?

Pretty damning stats right. We’re pleased to tell you it’s not all doom and gloom and you can help. We have big plans at Streamcast to increase the flow of new talent to gaming industry with people with new perspectives and transferable skills but we can’t do it without you. If you’re interested in working with us on one of your goals and reaping the benefits just click the shiny button below and get in contact.

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