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5 Reasons Why MHA Could Be One of the Biggest Anime Gaming Franchises We've Seen

Written by TroyTastic

You would have to look at Attack on Titan or Dragon Ball Z to find a Shonen anime that hit the ground running and captured the attention and praise of a Western audience on a scale this grand.

One reason why DBZ dominated for so long is their impressive library of games, there is enough action and character development for MHA to achieve a similar level of success. Here are just five reasons why I believe My Hero Academia could release one of the best series of games we've seen from an anime.

1. Success

Despite the anime being relatively new, it's been widely successful. Whether it's on a must watch list or a casual watch in the background, there are a lot of eyes on the product. The success of the anime helped My Hero: One's Justice and One's Justice 2 reach relative success. More importantly, there is hunger for more games from the franchise with excitement for a FighterZ-like game rising. They can and should be going up from here.

2. No Deku? No Problem

Young Midoriya doesn’t have many fans. He whines a lot, his voice is annoying and he gives us a little too many monologues. The thing is though, the cast around him is strong and balanced. From the teachers, to fellow classmates there’s a crazy range of characters to base a game off. Instead of One for All, why not focus on All for One? Play as All Might in his prime or one of the other top 10 heroes; a game could be built around Endeavour’s backstory for example. There can be many games where if you don’t like Deku, you don’t need to see him.

3. Being a Hero Doesn't Equal Violence

I think like Pokémon, the journey for My Hero doesn’t have to be linear and there’s space for other types of games especially on mobile and Nintendo consoles. Because being a hero doesn’t mean big battles, it means taking care of citizens. So a detective game, a search and rescue game, even a hospital based game isn’t out of the question. They could even do an action platformer (okay small violence but you get it). They can go different ways and do different challenges that are still within the remit of the show.

4. Learn From Those Who Came Before

One Punch Man as a concept was a good game. Xenoverse as a concept is a good game. Sometimes the execution holds it back. Both of these could be easily remade into a decent MHA game without the issues (and clunky battles). There’s also Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm, the Budokai series and FighterZ to learn from too. Where they can learn from others' mistakes, they can shine.

5. Are Others Slowing Down?

Pokémon is slowing down and DBZ is pulling at straws at the moment. As good as FighterZ is, they maxed out the roster SOO many times. There’s only so many ways you can remake a game and that goes for both franchises. There’s a gap for someone to join them as a big anime-gaming franchise and possibly even over take them. If MHA does it right, why can’t it be them?

So those are my thoughts on why My Hero Academia could become a major player in the anime-gaming scene. What do you think, what other things could the series focus on to build upon the success?

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