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Top 5 Best New Games | Spring 2023

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

After what must have been the coldest winter we've ever suffered, I am so glad it's spring. This year, the weather getting warmer will be a sign of exciting games coming out. It was incredibly difficult to limit this blog to just five games but we did it! So without any further ado, find out which games we can't wait to play this season.

Of course all release dates below are correct at the time of writing so these are always subject to change or delay.

1. Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

(Developed by Team Ninja, Published by Koei Tecmo)

At this point, I have come to terms with the fact that I am addicted to these hard games. One thing that makes these games easier to consume is pretty presentation and I find this game very easy to look at.

I have been able to get my hands on the demo, both on my PS5 and at EGX 2022 and I can tell straight away that this game is going to be huge. It plays well, there is a steady learning curve and there are huge bosses that can potentially one-shot you.

Part of why this game plays so well is there are quite a few different ways to play, you can take on a more aggressive play style or a style that prioritises health management. Also, this might be the first game based in Asia that has decent customisation options for black people!

With this game set in 184 A.D. China, this is going to be a very different experience to games such as Shenmue and Dynasty Warriors. I wonder if the story of this game will be communicated via cutscenes or through in-game dialogue a la Dark Souls. Either way, I can’t wait to piece together what the story of this game is.

This game will be the near perfect way to kick off the spring season on 3rd March on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC.

2. Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

(Developed by Respawn Entertainment, Published by EA)

From a place far, far away… Cal Kestis returns to our gaming screens!

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order was a pleasant surprise and a game that is deserving of the Star Wars legacy. The Respawn-developed title gave new life to the order of the Jedi with a modern look and the game plays fantastically well.

Third-person action-adventure games are my bag right now and this game instantly clicked with me from the moment I first played late last year.

Survivor takes place 5 years after Fallen Order and I can’t wait to see what other dark forces Cal must overcome in the Star Wars sequel.

May the force be with you from 28th April whether you are playing on PS5, Xbox Series S/X or PC.

3. Redfall

(Developed by Arkane Austin, Published by Bethesda Softworks)

The start of an era!

Redfall will be one of the first Bethesda games to be published since the Microsoft acquisition which now means PlayStation players will be the ones missing out.

This game is a first-person shooter (FPS) set in Redfall, Massachusetts. With Arkane developing this game (who also worked on Deathloop), you can be sure that this will be one to keep an eye out for!

In Redfall, you will be shooting down vampires and humans and I look forward to learning what brought the vampires into this world.

So far there are four playable characters - Devinder, Remi, Jacob and Layla. Just so you know, I call dibs on Layla whenever we play, as one of the first memories I have of this game is from E3 2021. The shot of Layla was huge for me, a big step forward in representation when it comes to games.

We will be making our way to Redfall on 2nd May on Xbox Series X/S and PC!

4. The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

(Developed by Nintendo EPD, Published by Nintendo)

Breath of the Wild (BOTW) was a ground-breaking game, everyone that I know who has played it has nothing but praise for the Nintendo giant.

Between the music, in-game mechanics and puzzles, I understood why The Legend of Zelda franchise holds such an important place in so many gamers’ hearts as soon as I started playing the 2017 Game of the Year.

Zelda games have always been standalone, not like the Uncharted series for example. Tears of the Kingdom is unique in that it will be an in-story sequel to Breath of the Wild.

Considering the success of BOTW, it would be ludicrous not to follow up on that story.

New puzzles and enemies are surely on the docket for our silent protagonist but what else will Link have to encounter? There's only one way to find out!

Get ready for those Tears of the Kingdom to fall on 12th May on the Nintendo Switch!

5. Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

(Developed by Rocksteady Studios, Published by Warner Bros.)

A game based on Suicide Squad was merely a formality considering the popularity of the films of the same name and the amazing animated series, Harley Quinn.

Brainiac has brainwashed many of Earth’s inhabitants including the Justice League’s Superman and Batman.

It’s up to Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang, Deadshot and King Shark (who will be voiced by AEW/ROH wrestler Samoa Joe) to rescue the Justice League and save the world.

It’s actually surreal to have a game where Harley and Deadshot are the good guys and Batman is the adversary.

With both solo and 4 player online co-op modes available, perhaps this will be the game we imagined Gotham Knights would be - allowing for flexible fun with the squad!

If you’re playing single player, there’s still a lot of options afforded to you as you can switch between the characters, with AI controlling the rest of the team.

I can’t wait to hopefully fight Kevin Conroy’s Batman one last time on 26th May on PC, Xbox Series X/S and PS5.

Now, we know there are many more great games set for release in spring this year including WWE 2K23, Resident Evil 4 Remake and Dead Island 2 but which games are you most excited about?

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