Showcasing the underrepresented

A group of gaming enthusiasts, the team at Streamcast is dedicated to diversifying the gaming industry's workforce and the enhancing the visibility of underrepresented content creators.

Researched conducted games industry trade body TIGA, showed that just 14% of people working in the UK games industry are women. A Creative Skillset report showed that black, Asian or minority ethnic industry representation stood at 4% in 2015. It's even harder to find STATS for people with disabilities or neurotypicals. When you look for the top streamers globally or locally, lists don't stray to far from industry standards, with lists being truly un-representative of gamers today. 

Streamcast are setting out to change this. Through events, content creation and content curation, they are pushing for much improved representation across the business - from esports, to streaming, to the workforce driving it. 







Head of Business Partnerships

Favourite games:

God of War, Dragon Ball FighterZ, Sonic Mania, Smash Ultimate, Simpsons Hit and Run

Biggest gaming achievement:

100% completing God of War. This is because it has been so long since I last went out of my way to complete a game beyond the story mode and despite the lack of free time, I was so happy when I finally collected everything in such a challenging game.

What change I would like to see:

We are already starting to see it but more diverse (specifically black) voices and faces in the gaming industry. This means more presenters, streamers, esports gamers and more. 

Non-white gamers make up a huge amount of consumers and I would like to see more of them get the opportunities they deserve. 



Lead Content Creator

Favourite games:

God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, inFamous, Spyro Reignited Trilogy, Ultimate Spiderman

Biggest gaming achievement:

Beating Sekiro. I was convinced I'd never play let alone finish a game from company known for their intensely difficult games. There were moments were I was so frustrated and genuinely never wanted to play it again but my mind would always nudge me back. "Have you tried this?". "Be more patient". "If you do this you can exploit that weakness more". The game was fair, all my mistakes were mine and all my successes were mine. Solid story too with lots of lore.

What change I would like to see:

I want to see more black protagonists. I don't mind playing with non-black leads if the game is good but it's very gratifying to see someone who looks like you kicking-ass. Who understands your cultural norms and who you can see yourself in.

Honorable mention; more Easter eggs in video games. 

Isaac Adedoyin



Head of Events

Favourite games:

Bioshock, Left For Dead 2, Fallout 3, 4 and New Vegas, Don't Starve and Lollipop Chainsaw


Biggest gaming achievement:

My biggest achievement would be building my gaming PC. I only started gaming in 2015, with Bioshock being my first game I played to completion. My love for gaming started there and I was so immersed that I wanted to learn more about video games as a whole and how to enhance the experience as a player. Fast forward to 2019 and my passion for gaming led me to building my first gaming PC.

What change I would like to see:

I'd like to see more black voices and black protagonists from the start and not an afterthought. The gaming industry is massive and it is made for everyone to enjoy and be part of. There is so much creative freedom in games that everyone should have the chance to find content that relates to them and their stories.



Head of Digital Strategy

Favourite Games:

Rayman, Little Big Planet, Smackdown vs. Raw 2007, Tony Hawk's Underground, Crash Bandicoot Warped, Dragon Ball Budokai Tenkaichi 3, Tekken 3, Spider-Man, Ridge Racer Type 4, Pokemon Emerald, CTR and Last of Us

Biggest gaming achievement:

Completing Rayman. For me there was a wave of games that I couldn't complete without my dad and this was one of them. After he left the household (he's still in my life), completing a game was near impossible, so to complete this filled me with both elation and a little coming of age. Haven't looked back since. Don't do platform trophies though.

What change would I like to see:

I don't like where the industry is now, mainly because it's still one of the newer ones, but still exhibiting the problems of older industries like music and TV. I would like to see the industry lead in talent and make underrepresented voices, represented. From leading characters, to stories to content, to the workforce. It should be the true beacon and representation of a community here for eachother, one other industries should look to and for children from areas like my own, feel they can comfortably be apart of. 


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