10 Black Streamers you should be following

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

By the Streamcast

Over the past 6 months or so the gaming scene has really been bubbling and a large part of that has been the support within the black community of new streamers and gaming content creators. As well as launching ourselves into the Twitch streaming streets, we’ve been blessed with an array of content creators we can not only partner with, but on our off days, sit back, relax and watch. Here are some of the UK’s finest black streamers we feel you should definitely tune into the rest of the year. In no particular order, here we go!

1. EbonixSims

She deserves flowers, money raining on her, her own crown, everything. The work EbonixSims has done for the community has been incredible. She has been part of a growing movement of seeing yourself represented and truly took it into her own hands due to the failings of Sims 4 developers and she runs an amazing stream, ever the entertainer, very welcoming and above all, it’s like watching reality TV. She does really well in bringing her Sims characters to life. The designs of her characters are impeccable and the stories she tells are faultless. Very talented streamer.


2. Shogun Ash

I have always been a fan of Ash’s work ethic and consistency. When we collaborated on a Fall Guys stream, I realised just how good he is at streaming. He is a very skilled gamer in several gaming franchises including PES and Pokémon but there is more to his streams. His personality shines through; he is funny, entertaining and engaging with his audience. Ash has a number of quirky methods to keep the audience tuned in such as eating several spicy hot wings on stream.

If you haven’t yet, I would definitely recommend coming through to a Shogun Ash stream!


3. Xenia Emefa

The key to success, I believe, is a combination of quality and consistency. When it comes to Xenia, she has both of the aforementioned. Her recent streams will showcase her playing one of the most anticipated games ever in Final Fantasy VII Remake (I still need to play it), and other popular titles such as Resident Evil 7 and The Walking Dead.

What sets Xenia apart from many other streamers is her authenticity. Her vibe is very cool and she embodies Britishness pretty damn well. From her cool and calm delivery to the more snarky and animated responses to jump scare moments and OP bosses, her reactions are very relatable to the more quiet, introverted viewer.


4. The Modern Alchemist

Pun master flex is the only thing in her description on Twitch and really the only thing you need to know about this amazing streamer. She’s funny, very welcoming and her platform is just warm. Full of love, bants and real world social issues. She streams an array of games but has a love for platformers, RPG games and games with women in the lead. Recently I learned on her streams you can use hair bands for cable management. Black women, ever so resourceful.


5. Inelious

Welcome to the blockbuster streams. From music to gameplay to hosting, Inel is one of the best streamers around. He also holds the stream well, as if it’s his own personal theatre stage. He’s always interacting, entertaining and engaging, he even made Surgeon Simulator 2 look fun. Known for exploring the world of dreams and creating in it too and his ‘get buff or die tryin’ streams make sure you check out this dynamic streamer, bruv.


6. I Am Epidemic